Jenni Santaharju (née Leppänen)

Doctor of Philosophy (Biological and Environmental Sciences), University of Helsinki, Phylogeography and population genetics of social parasitism in Myrmica ants

Major interests

  • Applying methods used in evolutionary biology to linguistics
  • Phylogeography of languages, language change in time and place
  • Factors promoting divergence of linguistic lineages
  • The origin of Uralic languages and Finnish dialects

List of publications



  • Lehikoinen, A., Fraixedas, S., Burgas, D., Eriksson, H., Henttonen, H., Laakkonen, H., Lehikoinen, P., Lehtomäki, J., Leppänen, J., Mäkeläinen, S., Niemimaa, J., Pihlajaniemi, M., Santaharju. J. & Välimäki, K. The impact of weather and the phase of the rodent cycle on breeding populations of waterbirds in Finnish Lapland. Ornis Fennica 93: 31-46.
  • Leppänen, J., Seppä, P., Vepsäläinen, K., & Savolainen, R. 2016: Mating isolation between the ant Myrmica rubra and its microgynous social parasite. Insectes Sociaux (63), 79-86.
  • Leppänen, J., Seppä, P., Vepsäläinen, K., & Savolainen, R. 2015; Genetic divergence between the sympatric queen morphs of the ant Myrmica rubra. Molecular Ecology 24 (10): 2463-2476.
  • Leppänen, J., Vepsäläinen, K., Anthoni, H. & Savolainen, R. 2013: Comparative phylogeography of the ants Myrmica ruginodis and Myrmica rubra. Journal of Biogeography,40 (3):479-491.
  • Leppänen, J., Vepsäläinen, K. & Savolainen, R. 2011: Phylogeography of the ant Myrmica rubra and its inquiline social parasite. Ecology and Evolution 1: 46-62.

Pending manuscripts

  • Leppänen, J., Seppä, P., Honkola, T., Seppä, P., Syrjänen, K. & Vesakoski, O. Manuscript: Population genetic methodology reveals historical linguistic contacts in Finland.

Contact Information

Email: jenni.leppanen(at)